Re-coat Recycled Paint is a premium quality paint made from a combination of over 50% post-consumer product and new materials. It’s this combination of old and new that gives re-coat it’s premium application qualities, consistent finish, and amazing coverage.

But we don’t quit there.  While we’re proud to offer a product with such high-end properties, we took it a step further:  we’ve made Re-coat available in 20 designer-coordinated colors.  Whereas most other recycled paint on the market is available in whatever color came out when the leftover paint was mixed together, at Re-coat Recycled Paints, we do things differently.  We worked with professional designers and decorators to produce a palette of 20 colors that are current, popular, and (best of all) coordinated to work together flawlessly.

So what is Re-coat?  To put it simply, Re-coat is an environmentally responsible, top-quality, economical paint product that’s available in 20 designer-selected colors–colors that make decorating as easy as opening the can!