At Re-coat Recycled Paint, we’re turning leftover, unwanted latex paint into premium quality recycled paint. This keeps the paint out of landfills, provides the people in our community a resource for disposing of their unwanted paint, and provides our customers with a high quality, eco-friendly, environmentally responsible and economical paint choice. It’s a win-win situation!

However, there are some restrictions as to what types of paint we can take back. Our basic “rule of thumb” is that we can only take back usable, water-based paint. To eliminate confusion and to help you as you sort through your unwanted paint, we’ve compiled the following guidelines:

Water-Based Paint Products

Let’s start with the easy part: at Re-coat we can only accept water-based products. We are not recycling oil-based and other solvent-based products at this point and, therefore, we cannot accept them.

Original Containers

Because we need to know what products we are adding into each batch of Re-coat, it’s important that the paint you bring for recycling be in its original container.

Usable Paint Only

In order to turn your unwanted paint into Re-coat Recycled Paint we require that the paint be usable. What we mean by that is basically this:

LIQUID: Your paint needs to be in liquid form–not solidified in the bottom of the can!

NEVER FROZEN: Sometimes leftover paint is left in a garage or a tool shed over the winter and, as a result, it freezes. If your paint has ever been frozen, it’s no longer any good. You can tell if this has happened by looking at your paint. If it looks like cottage cheese in the can, there’s a good chance it’s been frozen!

NOT SOUR: When latex paint has gone bad it can smell similar to sour milk. If you open your gallon of paint and are confronted by a terrible smell, chances are the paint has soured and is no longer any good.

If your leftover latex paint meets these criteria, bring it to any authorized re-coat paint reclamation site and we’ll gladly recycle it for you for a minimal processing charge of $2 per container (quarts, gallons and 5 gallon pails).

If you have any further questions not answered here, please email us directly using the contact us page on this website.