Why use re-coat recycled paints? Well, let us sum it up with a simple (though necessarily lengthy) sentence: re-coat recycled paints are environmentally responsible, top-quality, economical paint products that are available in 20 designer-selected colors that make decorating as easy as opening the can. There! Simple. Straight-to-the-point. But if you need more info, keep reading!

Re-coat’s An Eco-friendly Paint Choice

According to an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) study, it’s estimated that over 69 million gallons of paint are discarded every year. That’s enough paint to cover 27.6 billion square feet–more than 900 square miles–every year!

Using Re-coat Recycled Paint means that some of those gallons aren’t going to end up in landfills–or on your shelves, collecting dust. Instead, these gallons will do what they were meant to do: beautify your walls!


Re-coat’s A Premium Product

We’ve all seen it before: we buy a recycled or environmentally “safe” product and find ourselves forced to tolerate a ton of deficiencies. A particular “citrus-based” paint stripper comes to mind. Sure, it was “green” and “environmentally friendly”, but it also took over 48 hours to soften paint! That’s how it is with so many of these types of products: high prices, poor performance.

However, that’s not the case with R-coat. Every gallon of Re-coat Recycled Paint is of the highest quality. It is guaranteed to apply easily, evenly and with little or no spattering. It covers remarkably well–as well as the best paints on the market–and re-coat’s eggshell finish washes easily and resists staining and fading.

We know that when you use re-coat, you’ll soon learn that it’s perfect for any interior situation where a high quality paint is needed.

Re-coat Makes Decorating EASY!

Twenty colors. Handpicked by Decorators. All designed to coordinate effortlessly.

When you use Re-coat Recycled Paint, you have the peace of mind of knowing that every color scheme you pull together is going to look professional. Seriously! Every color scheme you pick will look amazing! Even if you put the color chips upside down on a table and blindfold yourself before choosing, you’ll still end up with colors that look as good as if they were picked by a professional (non-blindfolded) decorator.

Every color in the Re-coat color deck has been handpicked to coordinate perfectly with every other color. No more agonizing decisions at the color display: just pick 2 or 3 colors (any 2 or 3) and start painting. Your end result is guaranteed to look great!

Re-coat’s Available at a Great Price!

Normally, trying to be “green” or environmentally conscious results in a hit in the pocket book! But that’s not the case with re-coat.

While products of a comparable quality will retail for $35 – $50 a gallon, Re-coat Recycled Paints are available instead for under $25 per gallon. Using re-coat recycled paint is probably the most inexpensive way to put a high quality paint product on your walls.

At Re-coat, we don’t buy into the idea that you need to pay more to be environmentally responsible. And neither should you!